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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a collaborative approach to wellness that creates growth by repecting the role of both mind & body 

WHO we are

We are a team of dedicated change agents.  Formed by a spousal team composed of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Health and Wellness Professional, Mind & Body CCS merges all aspects of self-improvement to find the recipe most fitting for your individualized needs.

WHAT we offer

At Mind & Body Counseling and Coaching Services, we offer licensed counseling, certified coaching, and customized employee wellness programming

WHEN we provide services

Mind & Body CCS gives our staff autonomy to set a schedule that works for them.  Call or e-mail today to see when a prefered provider might be available, or let us find someone that works within the constraints of your availability.

WHERE you can access our services

Mind & Body CCS services all of New Jersey as a hybrid practice.  Our primary availability can be found virtually, but we do have in person availability at our office, located in Freehold, NJ at 181 South Street.  If you drive around the back of the building you will find our front door!

WHY choose us

At Mind & Body CCS we truly believe that the pinnacle of health can not be reached without working on both your mind and your body.  We know that working on these two instruments is the best investment you will ever make.  We make sure that our services are accessible, affordable (we accept insurance), and appropriate for your individualized needs.