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Therapy Groups

Virtual Self Esteem and Confidence Group for Teen Girls


Learn to value yourself and appreciate the person you are.  Understand the basics of what self esteem and confidence are, what creates and discourages our confidence, and how to reframe a negative self image.  We will assess how we feel about ourselves, engage empowering coping strategies, and break down the barriers holding us back from our best selves.

Self Care for Busy Parents


Connect with a cohort of parents to learn coping skills for the struggles of everyday parenting, including self image and identity, self regulating to be a calm and consitent role model for our kids, and learning ways to prioritize yourself in the list of people depending on you.   

Navigating Stress and Burnout


In this group you will learn coping skills, reasons for stress, what burnout is and why is it happening.  You will engage in reflections and techniques on self care, avoiding burnout, and mindfulness strategies.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is a unique kind of therapy where a group of people typically between 4 and 8 members, who are likely experiencing similar challenges in the period of their lives, get together to share their difficulties. This collaboration helps each member understand the issue from a different perspective and helps with one’s reflection about their situation which can then help for insight and personal growth. Group’s are facilitated by 1 or 2 licensed professionals who will encourage and support a safe environment that is conducive both for sharing and accepting each other where each can grow and trust one another and where each and everyone will feel respected and valued.

Who can benefit from group therapy?

Anyone may be able to benefit from joining a group if the area is of importance to the individual and they are prepared to reflect on that area. Group therapy does not replace individual therapy, but can be a way for an individual to introduce themselves to supportive services, or work in conjunction with the work that is being done within individual therapy. Your willingness to participate fully in group and your openness to take feedback from your facilitator(s) and other group members will play a role in how much you gain. Being ready to engage in the topic is the best predictor for success in most forms of therapy. 

What to expect

In order to participate in a therapeutic group with Mind & Body CCS, you must complete a group registration form, found on our website. If you are new to our practice you will need to schedule a new patient intake session. Most major PPO insurance plans are accepted to cover both an intake as well as group services. If insurance is not used, out-of-pocket prices for intakes are $150 for a licensed clinician (LCSW or LPC), and $100 for a provisionally licensed clinician (LSW or LAC). Intakes only need to be completed once to ensure the group is an appropriate level of care. Group rates will vary and should be confirmed individually. Please send any questions or concerns to hello@mindbodyccs.com

To enroll in a group therapy session, please fill out the registration form on the website and one of the practice owners will reach out to you with further registration instructions. If the session is virtual, you will recieve a link 24 hours prior to the appointment, and a reminder 10 minutes before.  In person groups will be held at our office laction at 181 South Street, Unit B1 in Freehold.  The front door to our office is in the rear of the CSI building.  Please be 5 minutes early to sessions to ensure the pariticpants can be settled in time for the session.  

Wellness Groups