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Custom Employee Wellness for ANY Sized Company

We will customize, integrate, and manage a full-service employee wellness platform.  This web and app-based gamified platform offers your employees a fun and incentivized way to engage in healthy behaviors.  We take the robust services offered to large corporations and integrate it into the small and mid-sized sector at the best pricing.  Expect to see a boost in employee morale, lower absenteeism, and lower health care premiums that equate to a great return on investment.

Personalized Platform Dashboard

Every employee gets a personalized log in and confidential services all accessible through their account dashboard.  They can see their rewards, resources, assessments, and can even complete their own tracking in our health logs

Incentive Rewards

You can incentivize wellness to encourage engagement with any system you think would best fit employees.  Gift cards, company swag, time off, health gear; you decide what and how much to offer your employees in rewards.  Rewards can be distributed in a tiered system or on an accrural base.  We will work with you on the best fit for your team.

Wellness Professional Integration

Give your employees peace of mind and guidance with wellness professional access right through their account.  Book an appointment or ask a quick question.  Mind & Body CCS provides access to a Certified Health Coach and a Licensed Therapist.  We’re here for your individualized needs.

Health Assessments

We engage your employees in health assessments that provide immediate feedback.  Employees can access their lifestyle risk assessment and get tailored content for their individualized needs.  We go beyond the assessment and make sure you have action steps for improvement.

Financial Tools and Resources

Give your employees the tools to gain financial success.  They will not only have a resources to assess their financial health, but we also provide the tols and education on how to improve and thrive in personal finance

Intervention Courses and Wellness Programs

We offer wellness programs on common topics such as weight loss and nutrition, smoking cessation, alcohol control, stress management, sleep management, healthy eating, chronic condition management, and addiction.  We even offer proven intervention programs that go beyond education and encourage actual behavior change.

Health and Wellness Logs

We offer logs so that employee can manually track their health metrics all in one place.  We even provide tailed feedback on how to take action to improve when health data is outside the healthy recomendation.  Employees can take more ownership of their health and learn how to interpret ad manage elements of their condition.  Logs are available for Dietary intake, excercise, and health metrics such as BMI, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Heart Rate.

OnDemand Content

We offer content for all wellness needs.  OnDemand Fitness, Nutrtion, and Mental Health content is available to all account users.  No need to pay into expensive subscriptions for an overload of content you wont use.  Employees can access the content on the web or mobile app to engage in healthy activitis fit to their comfort level.


We include a company calendar that can be updated with all company content.  Whether it is programmed through Mind & Body CCS, or through the company independently, we can add events to the calendar for sign ups and notifications.

Reach Out for a Free Consult and Demo

All this and so much more could be at the fingertips of your employees for prices only large corporations have access to.  Reach out to learn more about what we can offer to meet the needs of your biggest asset, your employees

A La Carte Wellness

Toggle through our a la carte options and envision the perfect custom programming combination for your company.  Reach out for pricing and discounts on specific service plans.

Employee Wellness Platform

A wellness “home base” built for your company’s needs.  We will customize, integrate, and manage your platform so you are not burdening your HR department with things beyond their scope.  Let us take the guesswork in employee wellness programming off your hands.

Customized Employee Assistance Programming

The new trend is adding low budget EAPs into the company benefit package.  Often these programs go unnoticed or underutilized because of the employee fear of the company knowing their private affairs.  With Mind & Body CCS, your employees can have access to outsourced counseling resources, financial planning, legal services, and more all through your customized employee wellness platform.  

Health and Wellness Coaching Services

Knowing you need to be healthier is one thing.  Knowing what to do on that journey is a whole different scenario.  We can offer your company a customized coaching package to be sure your employees have the resources to not only learn about their health state, but to be further educated on what they can and should do to achieve their wellness goals. 

Wellness Fairs and Events

More and more companies are realizing the benefit of introducing health and wellness concepts to their employee base.  Healthy employees = high functioning company.  We design customized events that integrate vendors in all areas of wellness.  Our goal is to showcase the local resource that can benefit all aspects of health. 

Counseling Service

In a time of high stress and anxiety, counseling resources are invaluable.  With Mind & Body CCS, your company is promised a dedicated in-house professional who can explain, advocate, and provide assistance all through your customized wellness platform.

Customized Wellness Webinars

With the emergence of remote workforces, engaging employees across many area codes has created a unique challenge.  Mind & Body CCS offers interactive virtual webinars on topics best fit for your company needs.

Customized Lunch and Learns

If you are looking for the in-person touch that we lack so often now, Mind & Body CCS will come to you and present on engaging topics with an old fashioned in person Lunch and Learn.  We will coordinate the lunch and educational materials, leaving you to just listen and learn.

*This service is only available to local companies, reach out to see if your location qualifies.

Customized Company Challenges

Do you want to engage your workforce in a more robust challenge with on-site engagement and assessments?  Mind & Body CCS offers on site promotion and assessment for optimal engagement and fun.  

*Our most popular challenge is the Hunger Games Weight Loss Challenge.  Reach out to learn more.

Community Event/Challenge Participation

Have you tried doing fundraising walks and 5K-like events but failed to get the engagement you had hoped for?  Mind & Body CCS will advertise, recruit, outfit participants, and even set up a tailgate to boost participation and fun.

Team Building Events

Team building activities have a significant impact of company atmosphere and morale.  Mind & Body CCS will coordinate any type of event you are looking to have.  Leave the details to us!

*Popular events include paint and sip, bowling, theme park adventures, and even virtual events like cooking or mixology classes  

On Site Fitness Center Design

Have a space you want to transform into a fitness center, but don’t know where to start?  Mind & Body CCS will create a custmized gym space fit for your needs and budget. Reach out for an on-site consult